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Mind is the builder ... the physical is the result. (Reading 349-4)

Programs & Events


People come from around the Potomac area region, as well as visitors to the DC metro area, to attend our programs. During the spring and fall of each year, we have the privilege of hosting a prominent speaker from Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.  In the past, we have hosted Charles Thomas Cayce,  Kevin Todeschi, John Van Auken, Peter Woodbury, Dr. Mark Thurston, and Dr. Norm Shealy.


The A.R.E. MidAtlantic Retreat is another opportunity for people from the Potomac region to connect.  The retreat is held annually in June of each year in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.  Prominent speakers, well-versed in the Edgar Cayce Readings,  provide information and activities set in a beautiful venue, Shepherd University, located in northeastern West Virginia, on the banks of the Potomac River.  

We also host local speakers who provide practical information from the Edgar Cayce Readings as well as their own experience.


After We Die

An Exploration of Death, Heaven, Ghosts, and the Soul's Journey Beyond Death

Echo Bodine

Join us on Saturday, October 25, 2014 for a high-spirited day examining the soul's journey beyond death presented by Echo Bodine, psychic/medium, healer, and ghost buster. 


Have you ever wondered what life is like beyond the physical?  Where we go when we die? Can we connect with other people who have died or other spirits like angels, ghosts, or spirit guides? 


Echo Bodine uses her wit and wisdom to answer these and other questions that you may have about life, the purpose of existence, and proof of heaven.  


In this one-day program, Echo will lead us in a stirring exploration of the journey of the soul:  your pre-life plan, the meaning behind your experiences, how healing works, and the nature of the death and dying process.  In addition, Echo will share her experience with ghosts and ghost hauntings.


Echo Bodine is a nationally recognized authority on spirit and spiritual development.  In addition to authoring several books, her work has been featured in major newspapers and magazine, and she has appeared on several national television shows.  She also hosts her own show, Intuitive Living.

To register for this conference, contact the A.R.E. Conference Registrar at 800-333-4499 or Online.

Edgar Cayce said "... it is not all of life to live, nor yet all of death to die.  For life and death are one, and only those who will consider the experience as one may come to understand or comprehend what peace indeed means." (EC 1977-1)



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